The Heart Of The Gospel Is Forgiveness

Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Years

Available on Demand March 4-6
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Movie poster showing faces from Sabina the movie

Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Years

PG-13 • 1h 55min • Nov. 8-10

Great character is sometimes forged amid great turmoil. Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Years is the story of how God’s love transformed an ambitious, atheistic hedonist into one of the greatest Christian women of the 20th century. The film opens with Sabina Wurmbrand risking her life to show Christ’s love to a trio of Nazi soldiers. Why? Why would a Jewish Christian risk her life to help her enemies – members of the army that killed her entire family? Experience the amazing true story that has redefined the concepts of love and forgiveness for millions around the world.



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About Richard And Sabina Wurmbrand

Black and white Headshot of Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand

1909 – 2001

Richard Wurmbrand, co-founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, led an underground Christian ministry to those who suffered under Nazi and Communist oppression in his homeland of Romania. His Christian witness led to 14 years of imprisonment and torture in a Communist prison.

Black and white Headshot of Sabina Wurmbrand

Sabina (Oster) Wurmbrand

1913 – 2000

Sabina, The Voice of the Martyrs’ co-founder, advanced God’s kingdom in Romania amid Nazi and Communist oppression. She carried on intense missionary work with her husband, Richard, continuing the work during his imprisonment. She suffered three years of prison and forced labor for her bold faith.

What People Are Saying

“Sabina is a beautiful love story – of human love and God’s love – and an amazing depiction of forgiveness and grace.”

Doug from Alabama

“Beautiful presentation of the story of those who face difficult days for Christ’s glory.”

Chad from West Virginia

“Forgiveness has never looked more beautiful or powerful in film.”

Daniel from Tennessee

“A compelling picture of the gospel in persecution.”

Joel from Maryland

“The forgiveness of Christ on display.”

Jill from Kentucky

“Gripping with the heart-pounding love of Christ.”

Victoria from Ohio


Sabina embracing richard in front of a train.
Line of handcuffed women with yellow stars pinned to their coats being marched across train platform.
Two soldiers glaring around corner.
Richard and Sabina standing in front of officers.
Sabina and Richard standing in front of window reading a document.

The Voice of the Martyrs Presents, A John Grooters Film, "Sabina", with Emil Mandanac as Richard Wurmbrand, Raluca Botez as Sabina Wurmbrand, Executive Producer Cole Richards, Director of Photography Mark Chamberlin and Silviu Stavila, Music by Matt Fisher, Special Musical Appearance by Keith & Kristin Getty, Produced by Judy Grooters & Ionut Ionescu & Andrei Marinescu, Written & Directed by John Grooters, A True Story